Mendota Pet Slip Leash - Dog Lead 6ft

$20.00 $26.00


• HAND MADE in USA: Mendota Slip Leashes are hand made in the USA using premium quality material.

• Simply slip the loop over your dogs neck and use the handle end as a leash. Leash and collar in one combination that is great for training and known for its ease of use.

• TRAINERS & HANDLERS: A best seller - this slip leash & collar combination is a favoriate amongst dog trainers, handlers and show dogs. Soft on the hands with its “Broken in Feel” easy to use and pliable enough to fit in your coat pocket.

• LARGE SLIP LEASH: 1/2″ x 6′

• HARDWARE: Brass, satin nickel or black metallic hardware and oil tanned leather splices.